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Hi, I'm Val

I’m a passionate UX designer motivated to improve the interaction between digital products and end-users.

I started my career as a retail leader focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences at every stage of the buying process. However, as technology evolved, so did my interests. I became fascinated with the digital user experience and quickly immersed myself in the field. Now, I work remotely in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where I channel my creativity to make a positive impact on people's lives.

Aside from being a designer, I'm also a dog mom, Jeep enthusiast, amateur photographer, and entrepreneur. So, even if it's not related to UX, I'd love to connect and chat about your dogs and/or modified Jeeps!

My core values

Act with integrity

I was raised with this principle and have always used it to guide me everywhere I go. I always aim to be honest and choose what is right.

Have passion for learning

I embrace every opportunity to learn so that I can continuously improve throughout my career.

Have team spirit

I see my team’s challenges as my own, so I always do whatever I can to ensure we succeed.

The early days

Believe it or not, I set my sights on a career at just 12 years old. Having immigrated from Vietnam 2 years earlier, I was fueled with determination to make the most of my newly-found opportunity in the US. While I was quickly becoming fluent in English, this cool thing called “the internet” was emerging. I quickly seized the opportunity and spent hours on our fancy dial-up internet searching for a career that fit my skills.

After weeks of surfing around, I found career called a “Fashion Buyer”. Knowing I had an eye for style, a creative mindset, and good math skills, I thought this would be a perfect fit, so I laid out a plan for myself.

I researched electives and advanced placement courses that could give me a head start in college, but my home district's high school didn't offer these courses. So, as a bold, courageous, and persistent teenager, I pestered the school board to allow me to attend another school - and eventually, it worked!

My master plan was working like a charm. In high school, I excelled in my courses and became the President of the Fashion Club. In college, I majored in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Business Marketing and interned at Bloomingdale’s. After graduation, I worked as a manager for well-known brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and Tommy Bahama. I climbed the ladder quickly, and I could see myself getting closer and closer to achieving my dream of working as a fashion buyer at a prestigious headquarters

An unexpected turn

As I progressed in my career, I also discovered more about myself beyond my professional aspirations. The career I had been working so hard towards required me to spend the majority of my time traveling, which meant I would not have time to enjoy everything I was working for. Although this realization initially brought fear and apprehension, I drew upon the bold and courageous spirit that defined me as a teenager and made the difficult decision to say goodbye to the fashion industry!

A new adventure

As I fearlessly embarked on a new journey, I recognized my passion for the tech industry and drew upon my previous experience managing retail stores, which gave me some exposure to data analytics. Thus, I began teaching myself SQL (Structured Query Language). Armed with this crucial skill, I landed a position at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation where I worked on enhancing data quality and providing informative insights to improve business processes. Although I found the work fulfilling, I realized that I yearned for a way to flex my creative muscles. Then it hit me - front-end development could provide the perfect blend of coding and creativity!

With that, I started learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Liquid by customizing a website for my online crafting business.To enhance my skills, I also created a portfolio website and worked on several freelance projects to improve my chances of getting noticed by potential employers. After numerous job applications, I received an email that began with the overused phrase, "You applied for our Front-End Developer position, but...". I felt discouraged, considering how frequently my applications were turned down due to my lack of experience. However, as I continued reading, the email asked if I would be open to another opportunity, namely a UX Designer role!

Photo of Val working on her laptop.
Photo of Val with a few books about UX and design.


I now work in the realm of Human Centered Design as a UX Designer, and I am enamored with it! Before venturing into this field, I had no idea of the remarkable possibilities that UX Design presented, nor did I realize how perfectly suited it was for me.

In a nutshell...

I didn’t choose the design life,

the design life chose me

and I couldn’t be happier!

Take a look at what I've created!

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